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A unique app that enhances your Knowledge interestingly. Participate in our daily quiz and you could win vouchers from leading brands.

What's the Concept:


Today’s Quiz: Every day we organize Quiz based on the Current Affairs and Insights of the day. 75% questions in the Quiz will be from Current Affairs and 10% from the Insight section.


Winners: At 9:15 PM, we will notify you about the winners of the day. Winner is decided on the formula “maximum right answers in minimum time”. On Sunday we will declare the winner of the week based on the performance over the week.


Wallet: Now this is the best part! We declare 3 winners daily and we award 20 points, 10 points and 5 points to top 3 ranks. The Sunday top 3 rankers are awarded with 40 points, 20 points & 10 points respectively. The points are credited into your Quizathon Wallet. You can redeem the points anytime. To know more about the rules visit our page ‘How it Works’ on our android app.